Digital Amateur Repeaters

These are new pages for GB3IN Repeater and the new GB7IN UHF DMR repeater which we hope to be installing very soon, once we receive the NoV from Ofcom, we also provide & maintain GB7RR DMR Repeater in Nottingham.

I am aware that things have changed and perhaps users are unsure of what is happening, time is always a factor to keep things updated of course. please check the update page.

The  Repeaters are located at Ashover, Tansley, Near Matlock on a  commercial radio site around  1,000 ft asl at Highordish in Derbyshire IO93GD.

The GB3IN VHF repeater operates on 145.6375 MHz Output 145.0375 MHz Input = Dual /  D-Star & (YSF) Yaesu System Fusion.

The GB7IN UHF repeater operates on 439.6500 MHz Output 430.6500 MHz Input = DMR.


This is the coverage map from the site click map to zoom