145.6375 MHz - Output

145.0375 MHz - Input

71.9Hz: CTCSS

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Welcome to GB3IN

GB3IN is located at Highoredish Nr Matlock in Derbyshire (IO93GD) (SK356599), at around 1000 ft asl on a frequency of 145.637.5MHz output & 145.037.5MHz input, needing a CTCSS of 71.9 to access the Repeater running 5 Watts ERP from a commercial Folded Dipole at 120 ft up on the Tower.

The Repeater now has fully integrated dual mode analogue and D-Star Digital access

While operating in FM mode GB3IN can be linked to other Repeaters & Station's Worldwide using the Echolink System. GB3IN's node number is 98258.

While operating in Digital mode the repeater is linked using ircDBB gateway to the ircDDB Network this allows full callsign  routing and connection to D-star gateways and reflectors on DCS, DPlus and DExtra reflectors.

There are also bridges to DMR systems on the DMRplus network via DCS005 modules.

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