Digital Amateur Repeaters

These are new pages for GB3IN Repeater and the new GB7IN UHF DMR repeater which is now installed, we also provide & maintain GB7RR DMR Repeater in Nottingham.

I am aware that things have changed and perhaps users are unsure of what is happening, time is always a factor to keep things updated of course. please check the update page.

The  Repeaters are located at Ashover, Tansley, Near Matlock on a  commercial radio site around  1,000 ft asl at Highordish in Derbyshire IO93GD.

The GB3IN VHF repeater operates on 145.6375 MHz Output 145.0375 MHz Input = Triple mode /  D-Star, (YSF) Yaesu System Fusion and DMR with Brandmeister

The GB7IN UHF repeater operates on 439.6500 MHz Output 430.6500 MHz Input = DMR.


This is the coverage map from the site click map to zoom