DCS005 (XLX005)

XLX005 Update

Recently with the help of some generous supporters namely G7TCW G8VPR G1VQV 2E0SIP G1HZI and GB3IN Team we have added 6 streams of AMBE transcoding consisting of 2 x AMBE 3003 dongles from Dv-Mega this gives us 3 full transcoding channels both ways

I have now completed the testing phase you can connect now to XLX005 in d-star or DMR and communicate between modes on all modules on a first come transcoding basis. This means if there are more than 3 modules in use the 4th will not get transcoded however currently this is quite rare but as activity builds we will see.

Also the XLX005 modules B-Y inclusive are also linked to BM TG’s 23402 – 23425 inclusive

We have had to use TG’s here as traffic does not reliably transfer XLX to BM mapped Reflector however using the 234 range allows a link between XLX and BM

For those with hotspots XLX is worth discovering its included in Pi star using TG 6 and enabling the DMRGateway

If you like the transcoding consider a donation to add to further transcoding

Again big thanks to the supporters mentioned who without this project would not have been possible

I would like to thank Luc LX1IQ  for producing this new offering to Amateur Radio and also to Torsten DG1HT for bringing us DCS  in the first place. DCS was a real game changer for D-Star when it appeared, for those that remember !