It just continues to work !


NOV arrived today  GB7IN DMR Repeater
Transmitter Frequency (MHz)   439.6500
Receiver Frequency (MHz)         430.6500
DMR Colour Code 1
TG9 both Timeslots  (Reflectors accessed on TS2 via manual dial or Contacts list)

BrandMeister UK

Today 31/10/2016 GB7IN was installed up at the Repeater site first impressions seem Favorable but early days still quite a bit of work and fine tuning needed, in the coming weeks / days we will possibly be adding an RX Amplifier as we had done to GB7RR, this is the first time we have run UHF from this site so it’s all new to us and very different to VHF as we have learnt in the past, all reports welcome please to

GB7IN  TS1 TG9 is linked to the regional East Midlands cluster along with  GB7DC Derby, GB7LR Leicester GB7RR Nottingham users with hotspots or indeed on other repeaters out of area or country can join the locals by linking to 4419 reflector on Brandmeister all welcome.

On TS2 TG9 you can dial any of the Reflectors on the global BM network.

As with all BM Repeaters the minimum approach for programming your radio has been a major part of the networks success in the UK.  You just need to program TG9 on both Timeslots  &  CC 1 and you can use most facilities.